Monday, July 23, 2012

This is a cute blue-to outfit. it has soft and hard together, which is totally not my style but I like it so it was worth a shot. The white tank was from garage (new arrival), shorts from garage too, bandeau from aerie or american eagle(all year round),  "toms' from stichtes, which is also a new arrival.&G<3 #instahaul #garage #aerie
This is a reat summer outfit. It has a travel bag (because most travel in summer- even short distances), cute flats(pink undertone nude) and a year round shirt(ivory). You can find these too at or at their locations(all stuff is new arrival). A&G<3#instahaul #forever21
I feel soo awful! I haven't update in a month! it is soooo horrible, so i will make up for it by my next few posts. Please, if you are following this blog, promote it! Share it and mention it to your friends! I try to go as far as I can in promoting this but it just won't work without your help. It might look like a dead end.... But it's the beggining for me:D! Well, us. My cousin and I started this so I should get her posting some new stuff too!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

dance time:)!!
Simple whit shirt with dark jeans &&a belt (which you can't really see, sorry)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summery with a chance of floral.
I know this is a fashion blog but Ed Sheeran has to be part of your summer!! He's so insparational!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I know spring is over but this is too cute, I must share.
Okay guys, this is a first-for us and for you-of creating a blog. We, as in Alyssa and Grace, created this blog to show off our fashion tips&tricks! We've enjoyed talking about it for hours at a time but never really got to it. Until now that is! We have decided to create a blog(which is VERY easy to do) to show people who we are and what we are capable of. This blog is the "starting point" of our fashion line; The Blend. We thought it sounded like  smoothie place but agreed it could be a fashion line too. So this is it; our first step. We might not post everyday but we will try to often. Some of the pictures are of us and some are of others but we do hope this helps you and your fashion tips! Love ya, A&G<3
And they called it, The Alyssa Top.
Perfect summer outfit.
Multi way wear shirt: AMAZING.
Love. The. Colour.
Simple outfit with nice accessories.
Simple pattern with an extraordinary necklace