Monday, July 23, 2012

This is a cute blue-to outfit. it has soft and hard together, which is totally not my style but I like it so it was worth a shot. The white tank was from garage (new arrival), shorts from garage too, bandeau from aerie or american eagle(all year round),  "toms' from stichtes, which is also a new arrival.&G<3 #instahaul #garage #aerie
This is a reat summer outfit. It has a travel bag (because most travel in summer- even short distances), cute flats(pink undertone nude) and a year round shirt(ivory). You can find these too at or at their locations(all stuff is new arrival). A&G<3#instahaul #forever21
I feel soo awful! I haven't update in a month! it is soooo horrible, so i will make up for it by my next few posts. Please, if you are following this blog, promote it! Share it and mention it to your friends! I try to go as far as I can in promoting this but it just won't work without your help. It might look like a dead end.... But it's the beggining for me:D! Well, us. My cousin and I started this so I should get her posting some new stuff too!